Blancpain Watches History

Blancpain is Swiss watch manufacturer established by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in the year 1735. It is one of the oldest watch companies and carving a distinctive niche in the world of watch making. This brand still creates mechanical timekeepers using traditional methods. It is a subsidiary of ever-expanding Swatch watch group. This exemplary brand accepts nothing less than complete perfection. Every ticker is crafted by one watchmaker from start to end. The family of Blancpain consists of Le Brassus, Villeret, Leman, Fifty Fathoms, L-Evolution and the special one- Women, which is the first self-winding wristwatch collection for ladies. One intriguing fact about this brand is the limited production which is only 10,000 watches per year. The timepieces from Blancpain Fifty Fathoms literally last a lifetime. Every aspect of Blancpain tickers is constructed of the optimum materials from the boxes they come in, to the leash and buckles.