Story of BREITLING Watches | Since 1884

The Breitling Story

Known as inventor of modern chronograph, Breitling was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling. These precision instruments were primarily intended to be used in sports, science and other demanding industry and hence were very niche and top of the line. Made of Swiss Components, the major parts of the machine were produced by few other suppliers but the timepiece was assembled by Breitling only. It was till early 21st century that Breitling produced its first watch that was entirely their own. Owing its success to innovation and quality products, Breitling became synonym of constant innovation.

Later onward, the brand exploited the boom of competitive sports and of the automobile – as well as the first feats of the aviation pioneers.

Breitling’s Partnership with Aviation

Anything remotely related with aviation will always be flying at a speed where the true test of any moving machine lies. In the similar manner, the quest for an ideal watch was fulfilled by Breitling. First by its Pocket Watches and later its modern Chronograph. In the early 1930s, the brand made an incredible effort building on its reputation for precision and sturdiness by enhancing its range by adding a ‘speciality’ that would earn it worldwide fame: onboard chronographs intended for aircraft cockpits. These chronograph became an indispensable object for secured piloting and were even used by a range of Armed Forces including Royal Air Force.

Official Supplier for Aviation

Official Supplier for Aviation

The Master of Performance

When a brand is a supplier for one of the most complicated and disciplined industry, you have to be on point with performance. Breitling has been synonymous with performance since the beginning, which is why they take pride in calling their product line, ‘instruments of professionals’. Also, they are one of the very few brands globally to submit all its movements (both mechanical and quartz) to the merciless tests of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) – the highest benchmark of precision and reliability, and the only one based on an international norm. The brand also owns state of the art ultra modern facility, ‘Breitling Chronométrie‘ dedicated to production and development of modern mechanical chronograph movements.

Iconic Timepieces by Breitling


The Breitling Emergency was added with a radio transmitter for civil aviation use which broadcast distress signal at a certain frequency that will be picked up by a Search & Rescue Aircraft. Reportedly that in January 2003 two British pilots, Squadron Leader Steve Brooks and Flight Lieutenant Hugh Quentin-Smith, crashed their helicopter in Antarctica and were rescued after activating their Breitling Emergency transmitter watches.

In April 2013, Breitling announced a new version of the Emergency watch (Emergency 2). This upgrade transmits on the 121.5 MHz frequency, but adds the 406.04 MHz signal that is monitored by satellites and has a separate, rechargeable battery for the transmitter.

Bentley and Breitling

Celebrating a decade old partnership with Bentley, Breitling released three dedicated timepieces

Breitling Bentley


Stay tuned for more such history of horology and surprises. Bentley Watches in India is coming to its new Home.