The Drive de Cartier, a resplendent collection in Cartier Watches for men

Cartier Watches for Men in 2017

The incredible collection from Cartier watches that everyone has been waiting for has arrived. Cartier Drive makes for a luxurious treat to those exclusive men who beg to be different keeping the subtlety in grandeur intact. Cartier Watches for men have always been an object of desire for those who wish to own nothing less than an object that spells pristine luxury.

With their immaculate design and unmatched detailing in technology, Cartier Watches are the best luxury watches for men.

Here is everything you should expect from the Drive de Cartier, launched by Cartier Watches:

  • The design is undoubtedly the epitome of perfection and is utterly masculine. Coming from the house of Cartier Watches, there is no compromise on quality or the finishing. So be prepared to get mesmerized by this awe-inspiring collection of Cartier Watches for men.
  • This stunner is one of the best luxury watches for men and is inspired by vintage style automotive. This watch from Cartier Watches is aimed specifically at men and will soon make its way to the top among Cartier Watches for men.
  • It will be available in two stunning models, Cartier Drive de Cartier Moon Phases watch and the Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat. Among both these Cartier watches, the former comes in steel or gold while the latter is super sleek in rose gold or white.

Cartier Watches for Men

  • These luxury watches for men are drool-worthy for many reasons. The Cartier de Cartier moon phases watch has a cushion shaped case of size 40mmx41mm. This among all Cartier Watches for men is ‘astronomic’ and needs an adjustment only for a day in 125 long years. The new automatic winding in the moon phases watch from Cartier Watches has a whopping 48 hour reserve and operates at 28,800 Hz.
  • Cartier Watches also brings to the world of luxury watches for men the Cartier Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat which is only 6.6 mm thick. The case is also thinner than the cases of other Cartier Watches for men at 38mmx39mm. This brilliantly crafted timepiece is also water resistant up to 30m. With just a 36 hour power reserve, these Cartier Watches operate at 21,600vph.
  • These Cartier watches for men scream attention but in the most subtle way possible. They are timeless and for keeps. These Cartier Watches can easily be a prized possession that can be passed on to future generations since they are sleek and modern in appeal.
Drive De Cartier

Drive De Cartier

The Cartier watches for men are simply stunning and leave no stone unturned in terms of unmatched panache. Cartier watches have never ceased to amaze their ardent admirers in the past and with the addition of moon phases watches and the Extra-Flat, these luxury watches for men have uncovered another milestone in their unparalleled legacy. Cartier watches need no introduction and these luxury watches for men from the Drive collection need no description. Any onlooker who seriously values subtlety in luxury will fall in love with these majestic timepieces in just one glance.