The Chronofighter by Graham Watches will take your breath away

The grandiose timepiece by Graham Watches

Graham Signature Chronograph

Graham Signature Chronograph System

It has been 15 long years of the Chronofighter design by Graham Watches and the craze has not gone down one bit. Yes, there have been huge and chunky Chronofighter models in the past but this time, the modern Chronofighter is relatively smaller with a vintage appeal.  The popularity is already soaring since the time this beauty from Graham Watches was seen at Baselworld 2016.

Here are some really unique features of the Chronofighter by Graham Watches that you must know about.

Graham Vintage Denim

  • The style of these Graham Watches is such that it will remind you of the original Chronofighter. The utterly mesmerizing design boasts of a historical analog! The trigger pushers in the stopwatches are similar to those that were used by the air force bombing crews in World War 2. This one from Graham Watches is truly vintage, isn’t it?
  • The watch is unapologetically handsome and bold which makes it very wearable as opposed to bigger Chronofighter models by Graham Watches in the past that were too big to be comfortable. This one is 44mm in width and has an entirely new design.
  • This chunky model by Graham is has an all polished steel case which is very rounded and looks outstanding. The curved trigger and rounded crown of this timepiece will remind you of the rugged machine guns from World War 1 and 2.
  • The new chronofighter collection comprises of four extremely awe-inspiring models. Three of these models by Graham Watches have deeply grained dials and come in shades of the beige and brown family while the fourth is a gorgeous royal blue color. The leather straps matching these dials complete the look of chronofighter.
  • The functionality of these majestic models from Graham Watches is very similar to the previous models. These have a 48 hour power reserve and movements run on 4Hz.
  • This chronofighter has the date and day dials printed the right side up. The chronograph start and stop pusher has been integrated into the crown in this sassy timepiece by Graham Watches.
  • In this chronofighter, you will be able to stop or start the chronograph by using your thumb and carefully holding the case at 2 o’ clock with your index finger. This is exactly the opposite of how you would operate a usual chronograph in other watches.
  • The chronofighter by Graham Watches is a perfect choice for those whose work requires them to use a mechanical stopwatch very frequently.
Graham Watches Chronofighter Vintage

Graham Watches Chronofighter Vintage

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This incredible timepiece by Graham Watches has woven magic for those who love style and performance equally. The vintage yet modern appeal of the chronofighter is hard to not notice when spotted on someone’s wrist. You could pair it with a leather jacket or a simple tee since it is very fashionable and will go well with about anything and everything. After having said it all, the most important aspect is the price. All of this incredible functioning and handsomeness of the timepiece from Graham comes for just $4,950. This is one luxury timepiece worth owning.