A Complete Guide on Aquatimer Chronograph from IWC Watches

In the modern era peeps are much obsessed with luxury goods and accessories. Timepieces are among the top in the list of most admired lavish accessories on the planet. IWC is also one of the most prestigious watch brands of the globe. The company has an extravagance of its own and has created some of the finest masterpiece of horology. IWC is the condensed form of International Watch Company. The brand house has a legendary stand in the entire world for its great technical brilliance and aesthetic designs.

Aquatimer Chronograph IWC WatchIWC Watches have never been out of fashion and have best served their purpose of time keeping along with providing a style statement. The origin of the watch company can be traced down in the nineteenth century when an American named Florentino Ariosto Jones laid the foundations of the watch enterprise. Since then the grand house has never looked back and has been moving ahead in the direction of manufacturing some great engineering and technical masterpieces. The headquarters of the company are located in Eastern Switzerland. IWC watches is among the selected brands of watches that deal in adornments for both men and women.

The Aquatimer Chronograph from IWC Watches

The International Watch Company is renowned in the entire globe for crafting timepieces with a futuristic approach. The Aquatimer Chronograph from IWC watches is also referred as one of the best creations of horology. IWC has crafted this watch in a premium bronze case that provides the adornment a very stylish look. The watch is just a perfect handy for divers and leaves a very spellbinding impact on the users. It has attracted the eyes of timepiece lovers across the world with its chiselled features. The highlights of this amazing adornment are its rotating bezels with sapphires inserts on the exteriors, its robust 44 mm diameter case and its super luminova markings.

IWC AQUATIMER CHRONOGRAPHTye most astonishing and amazing feature of the Aquatimer Chronograph is the “IWC Safe Dive System” that comprises of an internal-external bezel system. Inside the watch there is the IWC calibre 80110 introducing the new in house movement. The Aquatimer Chronograph possesses a very clean and clear look embellished with a textured dial. This timepiece possesses a very comfortable wrist strap that will easily fit in your wrist. On the first look on your hand, the watch appears to be made exclusively only for you. There can be no question on the fact that IWC is among the top watch brands and the Aquatimer Chronograph has created a revolution in the diving timepieces series.