IWC Connect : An Add on to your Luxurious IWC Watches

Innovation by IWC Watches

IWC Schaffhausen announced the arrival of IWC connect, an accessory to IWC Watches which is embedded with a futuristic device with the ability to control over certain devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) that will be capable of tracking your activity.

IWC Connect piece on Big Pilot

IWC Connect

This new innovation by IWC Watches will be a combined force of technology and luxury, delivering its owners a delightful experience to monitor their daily activities with a magnificent band on their wrist. The intelligent tool enabling such magical activity is incorporated into the straps of IWC watches. The first set of IWC watches to get Connect will be those in their Big Pilot’s watch collection.

IWC Connect on Big Pilot

IWC Connect on Big Pilot

Features of IWC Connect

Smart watches have been around for quite some time and in the luxury watches segment, IWC connect is another feather in the cap of the smartwatches offering some great features dipped in luxury.

The IWC connect has many features that are worth being talked about and of course, will be of interest to anyone who owns IWC watches. One notable feature is that besides being a fitness and activity tracker, it also lets its user to connect with other users using the IWC connect.

Among IWC watches, the Big Pilot watch collection will be the first one to have this interesting and intelligent device. IWC Connect will likely include Bluetooth and possibly NFC connectivity as well as “fully fledged activity tracking.” That may possibly mean IWC watches now wants you to wear their watches to sleep.

It is already being compared to the Montblanc e-strap and probably will follow a similar way of working. But its main competitor is going to be the Tag Heuer Connect, which is known as “the first connected watch developed by a Swiss luxury watchmaker engineered with Intel Inside and powered by Android Wear”.

As of now, everyone awaits the availability and price of new luxury tech combo timepiece.

IWC Watches present IWC Connect

IWC connect definitely seems like a promising product since it is a one of its kind in the mechanical watch segment as opposed to digital watches, where several brands like Apple and Samsung have already come up with Smart watches to entice their wearers. Smart watches have made their way into people’s hearts and lives solely because it is looked at as a future ready equipment that allows the wearer to keep track of regular activities like fitness.

In a fast paced world where it has become difficult to manually track everything that one does, smartwatches surely come to the rescue. IWC connect in the Big Pilot watches will hopefully fill that desire for people who are not very keen on digital watches but still prefer the added advantage of analyzing their daily activities. IWC watches typically cater to the luxury segment and this innovation is certainly going to become a trend. A competition to this is certainly the Tag Heuer Connected, which is ridiculously expensive. The IWC connect needs to be priced a little more reasonably for it to be an instant hit in the market and to rise above the rest of its competitors.

How the IWC connect will fare in the smartwatch category is yet to be seen but coming from IWC watches, the product is expected to meet and exceed expectations with panache.