Top 4 Chronograph Timepieces Of 2016!

top 4 chronograph timepieces 2016 luxury watch brands

Top 4 Chronograph Timepieces of 2016 – Luxury Watch Brands at Johnson Watch Store in Delhi


Chronographs are defined as timepieces fitted with a recording device as a stylus and rotating drum. It is used to mark the exact instant of an occurrence. Chronograph luxury watches have a basic feature that it can act as a stop watch also. Read a list of chronograph luxury watch brands that will make you fall in love with time.

Lange & Sohne Datograph Perpetual

This timepiece is a juxtaposition of three watch complications in one. An instantaneous perpetual calendar with moon phase display is the major highlight in this one. It is a limited edition watch with only 100 pieces manufactured.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5370

This luxury watch is beautifully designed with a manual mechanical movement. It has got a split-seconds chronograph. Other than this, the timepiece has tachymeter scale, authentic black enamel dial and alligator strap, which makes it all the more adorable. It is water resistant to 30m.

Panerai Mare Nostrum Titanio

Panerai Mare Nostrum Titanio is a hand wound chronograph featuring a column wheel and swan-neck regulator. It also has bridges made of Mailechort and Cotes de Geneve finishing on the plates. Further, the case is made using a screwed-in back plate to give it an authentic feel.

Vachron Constantin Harmony

This fabulously designed masterpiece has ultra thin and self winding mono-pusher chronograph. Vachron Constantin Harmony is highlighted with its cushion-shaped case and pulsation dial. This timepiece presents a traditional architecture. Also, it has a 65-hour power reserve. Modern production method has made this chronograph super tight and is also finished with high-end engravings. Indeed, a luxury watch – beautiful to look at and own.

Also know:

Johnson Watch Co.

In 1950, our journey of timeless precision and perfection began. We carried forward the tradition and introduced a global appeal to the collection and our showrooms. We were the first ones to bring premium and luxury Swiss brands closer to the Indian ground. The legacy gracefully graduated and has been passed onto the 3rd generation of the family, who are together infusing innovative and novel ideas to the brand. They have introduced boutique concepts across Delhi and NCR. In a short span of time, they have gone a step further and introduced world-class and distinguished limited collections, the brands which are within the reach of a chosen few.

Hollywood Superstars and Their Love For Luxury Watches!

Celebrities are trendsetters and we all follow their sense of style blindly. So, when they make any public appearance on or off work– shutterbugs catch them left, right and centre. And, when it comes to luxury watches, these celebs can give us some serious goals and how!

  • Sylvester Stallone
    This Hollywood superstar was spotted wearing the Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante; a limited edition watch featuring a split-end chronograph. Other than this, it also has a lever bridge that protects the winding crown, ensuring a watertight seal. With all its exclusive features, the luxury watch costs for $20,000.
  • Pierce Brosnan
    This handsome actor carried the gorgeous Omega Seamaster in all of his four James Bond movies. The highlight to it is that it features a steel bracelet and a blue bezel. In addition, it is an automatic quartz watch and is engraved with the logo of Omega hippo campus. The cost of this luxury timepiece is $5,475.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
    The good-looking actor has been spotted wearing a Tag Heuer CARRERA Calibre. This stunning luxe timepiece features a double anti-reflective treatment too. Also, it is scratch-resistant. Further, the watch is worth $4,500.
  • Danica Patrick
    Danica Patrick owns a white Tissot T-Race watch from the line of Swiss watches. This beautifully-designed watch features bike-racing inspired details as well as a dynamic style. T-Race is a product of Tissot’s passion for different motor sports. The luxury timepiece is worth $625.
  • Jason Statham
    Jason Statham wore a Panerai Chrono Daylight in the movie The Transporter 2. The watch has a bezel black dial and an alligator strap with Panerai personalized steel adjustable buckle. Moreover, it also features a flyback chronograph with 2 counters and is water-resistance to 100mtrs.

Finding the Best Brands of Watches via Online Shopping Sites

Time is the most important things in our life and to get success, you have to take care of this thing so much. The person who does not respect time can never get success in his entire life. If you wish to know about it, you have to have a watch on your wrist. In the starting, people bought the watch just to see the time but nowadays, they buy it to enhance their personality. When you go to some market or mall then you will come to know that there are lots of brands for you and most of them are quite good. Choose the Best brands of watches as when you use their watch then you will considered as the most sophisticated person in the society. These timepieces are made by the horologists who have a huge experience in the same field and they are known for manufacturing the best finest timepieces.

To buy these timepieces, you can go for the brick and mortar stores that have been used by us for several years but using them takes lots of time. If you have many free hours or days to waste then you can use the conventional stores or there is other option for you i.e. online shopping sites. At e-mart, all the Brands of Watches are present and you can find and buy that you like the most and that suits your personality in the best manner. Let us see the benefits of using the source.

The Accessibility

Tag Heuer WatchesUnlike the traditional stores, the e-marts are available at your service for all the times and that is the reason, it is the perfect for the working man. As we all know that at the day time, all the offices are opened and when a working man gets free then the entire stores are completely closed. Thus, these people cannot buy Tag Heuer Accessories and to buy them, they have to wait for the weekend or have to take leave from the office. While using the e-malls, you can buy the timepiece even at 3 O’ clock in the morning. Buy the timepiece from the home, office, college or even while travelling in your vehicles. All you need is a laptop that has a net connectivity and your work is done. Furthermore, you can find all the best brands of watches by using your Smartphone as well.

The Easiness

Since you do not have to leave your home for buying the Tag Heuer accessories so, you can save your lots of time and these hours can be used for doing some other work as well. There is no need to face the traffic jam that is totally irritating and wastes several hours. You can search, find and place an order while having a good time with your family. With the help of several sections and sub-divisions, find all the best brands of watches in no time. Just click on the right classification and all the options will get appeared on the computer screen.

Buy Mens Luxury Watches via Online Source and Enjoy the Ease

To see the time, you must have a watch that you can wear on to your wrist. This device helps you to know the time and you can respect the time and all your work will get completed when they should get finished. In the past, people bought a timepiece only to see the time and they did not care about any other thing but now their thinking has changed to a very large extent. These folks buy a watch that is high in style so that when they put in on their body, they can do some show off and make the other people jealous. Today, people do not care about the money; they just wish to catch the eyeball of every single person and want to be the trendsetter. High priced timepieces are called as Luxury Watches and they are made by the experts who have long experience in the field.

These highly experienced horologists have made several timepieces that are flawless and known for their design and style. To make them, the best parts are used and that is why, they have a very long life and you do not have to buy new Mens Luxury Watches for even decades. To buy these luxury watches, you can go to the conventional stores and if you will not find the luxury watch at one store then you will find that at the next shop. No doubt that the whole process is quite time consuming and if you are a working person then it will be little difficult to use these traditional malls. At such point of time, you can use the net based stores, which let you to buy the accessory while enjoy the highest level of comfort.

Huge Ease

Omega Speed Master WatchAs you can place an order from your home, office or college so, you can have huge enjoyment. There is no need to leave your home to find and buy the Omega Speedmaster. You just have to use your computer that has a net connectivity and all your shopping will get finished in no time. Since you are not going anywhere, you do not have to face the wrath of summer, winter or rainy season. When you go out, you will have to face huge traffic jam that is quite irritating and completely spoils your mood.

Big Discounts

When you exploit the online shopping sites, you will have the big discounts and the same amount can be used to buy some other stuff as well or you can do some savings. These rebates are present at every time and season and there is no need to wait for some particular season to get the benefit. And, if there is festive season then the discounts gets bigger and more lucrative. Sometimes, you will get two at the price of one and this is quite profitable for anyone and thus, it is quite difficult for you to ignore them. Plus, you are not going anywhere to buy the luxury watches so you do not have to waste your money for buying petrol or diesel for your vehicle. In this way, you are saving several hundred rupees.