Jaquet Droz: One of the Best Branded Watch for Men

Watches are the only accessories for men that are never off style. There are plenty of branded watches for men that are making their presence in the world of horology. These timepieces are the only must-have jewelry to own for men. If we are considering men’s fashion, then a timepiece is the only accessory which is being noticed. But, when you are wearing one of these exquisite tickers complete attention will shift on you. Those days are long gone when the timepieces were worn for only keeping the track of time. Now it is attired for showing the class and status. Luxury timepieces can be shopped for one’s own self or they can be purchased as present for others. They make great gifts for one’s self or for friends, associates and family members. While strolling down the street, you will barely notice a person not wearing a watch. Look anywhere, you will have the possibility to spot a ticker that will certainly grab your attention.

Choose Your Pick Precisely

Choice of watches differs from person to person. Nevertheless, a lot of people, especially those belonging to the younger section, are into digital gadgets. Even with timepieces, the favored watches nowadays are those digital watches that keep them stylish. With digital timepieces as the generalized choice, possessing a leather watch or a diamond-studded ticker will truly make you stand out. This makes the watch an extraordinary and highly priced item in men’s jewelry collections.

The right watch can make a big statement about one’s personality. This applies whether you are a successful business owner or a professional basketball player. Hence, make sure that the choice of watch truly reflects your personality. One of the demanded watch among men is Jaquet Droz. Its recently launched Grande Seconde SW 41mm has grey main dial plate that is a perfect fit for any official or casual outfit. The polished finish makes it even more demanded among men. The brushed plates applied to the dial with polished rivets, rendering nice contrast & balance to the dial. Jaquet Droz Caliber 2663A-S, beats at 28,800 vph, incorporates 30 jewels & has an approximate power reserve of 68 hours.


The wrist ticker you choose should work well with your lifestyle. Men who deal with heavy equipment require a watch that will withstand the wear and tear of their everyday job. Leather band wrist timepieces for men are among the most long-lasting. Stainless steel straps also have longer durability. A guy who is into sports will opt for a watch with added functionalities such as digital displays, measuring distance, water resistant features, heart rates monitors, etc.

Numerous men prefer to have separate timekeepers for official and casual use; a classy leather strapped one for formal occasions and a metallic finish version for everyday use.

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