SIHH 2017: An Exhibition to the World of Horology

What is SIHH?

Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie (SIHH 2017) is a Geneva based timepiece and jewellery industry event; an expanded watch trade show showcasing top notch luxury watch brands.

SIHH 2017


With 27 successful editions, SIHH has proved out to be an outstanding and exclusive top watch brands show giving visitors a 360 degree view of horological expertise. Every January, SIHH paves way for exclusive luxury watch brands to exhibit their newest trends and latest timepieces.

Standing at the centre of the evolving global watch market, SIHH has grown into a unique meeting place for the top watch brands giving visitors a 360 degree view of horological expertise.

Enhancing the event with every coming year, horlogers still cannot forget the  2016 SIHH edition. It incorporated a new “Carre de Horlogers” section which was set up for the independent watch makers like MB&F, Urwerk, Kari Voutilainen, HYT and more.

SIHH 2017 Exhibitors

SIHH 2017 Exhibitors

What’s new with the SIHH 2017 Edition?

Establishing a solid mark at the hearts of horlogers with an independent section of 2016 inclusive of luxury watch brands especially with men’s luxury watches, this year’s SIHH edition is an unimagined dream for the timepiece lovers.

  1. For the first time ever, SIHH 2017 will have its first ever “Public Day” on Friday, January 20th at the Palexpo convention centre in Geneva.
  2. SIHH 2017 will include 30 brands – a record number for the quickly expanding major luxury watch brands trade show.
  3. Compared to last year, the section “Carre de Horologer” will have new top watch brands and latest men’s luxury watches added to the display such as Ressence, Romain Jerome and MCT, etc.
  4. SIHH 2017 is going to include Ulysse Nardin and Girard Perregaux each under the Kering Group umbrella, the latter being a “returning guest” of the show. Both these brands will be given large booths with a presentation on par with the of the other major brands displaying at the event.
Jaeger LeCoulture at SIHH 2016

Jaeger LeCoulture at SIHH 2016

SIHH 2017 is a great opportunity for Watchmakers, Retailer and enthusiasts to browse the halls of the show and visit the booths of the top watch brands.

According to aBlogtoWatch which is the “world’s most popular source for Watch Reviews, News & Admiration since 2007”, around five couples can be accommodated at the SIHH event to enjoy a curated journey along with the members of the aBlogtoWatch team to view latest top watch brands and men’s luxury watches and meet with important luxury watch industry executives.


SIHH’s zeal and new developments are always appreciated by the horlogers all over the world. With the decision of going public this year and showcasing 30 luxury watch brands, it has won in every sense with its one natural comparison Baselworld which has always been overcrowded due to its public access.

PS: There is a strict no photos policy. Only journalists with an authorisation from the SIHH Press Club can take photos. Though you can subscribe to participating brands’ social channels to get latest update on same.

SIHH 2015

SIHH 2015

Like every year, Johnson Watch Co will be visiting SIHH 2017 with great enthusiasm and will bring charming fresh timepieces to the beautiful world of Indian luxury timekeeping.

Stay tuned.