Rado Watches Launches True Thinline Quartz ‘Nature’

A year ago, Rado Watches acquainted four new artistic hues with its True Thinline Collection. This year, it is reinforcing that collection with another model that highlights an amazing green dial. Meet the new Rado True Thinline Quartz ‘Nature’ watch.

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The Rado True Thinline Quartz ‘Nature’ watch is totally made of lustrous green clay. The monobloc case is earthenware as is the arm ornament. Just the caseback and fasten are made out of titanium. Clay likewise has the advantage of being greatly impervious to scratches and also being light. What’s more, for proprietors with delicate skin, fired is hypoallergenic as well.

As befits its name, the Rado True Thinline Quartz ‘Nature’ watch is super thin, estimating an inadequate 5mm thick. Combined with its unobtrusive 39mm measurement, this makes the True Thinline Quartz ‘Nature’ a thin and svelte piece. This measuring likewise makes it perfect as a women’s watch, yet it’s conceivable the plan may interest men also – particularly those that fall for the natural ‘nature’ subject of the watch. Water protection is pitiful at 30m.

The watch’s name originates from its dial, which is a beguiling tone of green. It’s really green mother-of-pearl and highlights leaf designs that are imprinted onto its underside. While it isn’t obvious consistently, the multifaceted leaf design evidently tends to fly all through sight contingent upon how light hits the dial. The hands and hour files are gold, as is the crown. An unordinary highlight about the watch is that its hour records are really metalized onto the sapphire gem. This makes the hallucination that they are skimming over the dial while adding some visual profundity to the whole bundle. Alongside the green mother-of-pearl, the final product, from the press photographs at any rate, is an exceptionally novel looking dial.

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A noteworthy addition to Rado’s True Thinline collection, the watch proves that the brand is still focused on releasing models that use interesting materials which result in an eye-catching aesthetic.


Rado Boutique in New Delhi, Connaught Place.

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