Tag Heuer Connected 2017: A Hands-on Review of luxury smartwatch

In 2015 when the first Tag Heuer Connected came, the world was filled with scepticism and awe at the same time. Luxury Watch with a smart hardware that adapts the way its wearer wants? Well who haven’t imagines for that? A feature loaded Tag Connected became a beautiful blend of luxury and technology.

In 2017, just before the Baselworld, Tag Heuer launched another sequel in the connected series, Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45. A better hardware, a more adaptive software and a more beautiful looking timepiece that can be described in one word, EPIC! We at Johnson Watch Co, present to you an information loaded piece on Tag Heuer and an option to Pre-Book your Connected 2017.


Top 10 Features of Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 2017


  1. Powered by Intel and Android

    When it’s about adaptation, there is no competitor to Android whereas when it’s about reliability, the Intel is what World rely on. Tag Heuer Connected is combination of both, powered by Android and Intel. The TAG Heuer Connected series has been manufactured in collaboration with top partners Google and Intel, a combination of both worlds: Swiss luxury watchmaking and Silicon Valley Technology.


  2. Truly Tag Heuer by Heart

    Like TAG Heuer’s every mechanical chronograph, Tag Heuer Connected is assembled in the brand’s workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the same manner and to the same meticulous standards. Hence, even if you are a Mechanical watch lover, the level of precision is guaranteed same.
    Tag Heuer Connected Modular

  3. Water Resistant upto 50Mt

    Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45

    Water Resistant upto 50Mt


    Being water resistant, Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 makes an ultimate partner for every adventure, following Tag’s signature Don’t Crack Under Pressure ideology. Every splash that chills and every ocean you swim, your Connected stays on your wrist with water resistance upto 50Mtr depth.

  4. GPS that keeps you on track

    Tag Heuer Connected Modular with GPS

    Tag Heuer Connected with GPS


    No matter wherever you go, your Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 keeps you GPS ready. Its inbuilt Global Positioning System will keep you precisely located and update same on every app that needs. Your workouts logged even when you left behind your cell phone.

  5. Become your own Watch Maker- Tag Heuer Studio


    Tag Heuer Connected Modular Studio

    Bored of your watch dial? Or it doesn’t match with your brand-new suit? Or doesn’t go with the cricket match you are going to watch? No problem, just make your regular watch a Chronograph or one with tachymeter or with GMT or 4000 more ways tailor made as per your need.

  6. World’s First Modular Watch

    Tag Heuer Connected Modular

    Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 is World’s first Modular luxury watch. No more boring designs on wrist. Interchangeable straps, lugs and buckles gives the watch owner a chance to upgrade his timepiece anytime he wants. Also, the modular feature is planned to be extended to Tag’s future models too.

  7. Better than ever – Full Metal Body

    Unlike first generation, Tag Heuer Connected 2017 now comes with full metal body. The previous generation was made in plastic as metal interferes wirh wireless communication like NFC, Bluetooth & Wifi. But Tag Heuer and Intel Worked closely to design chips that work smooth even with metallic casing. Thus, a strong and better Connected.

  8. Newer and Featureful Android Wear 2.0

    The new Tag Heuer Connected comes with most awaited Android Wear OS 2.0, with tailormade upgrades for the smartwatch. This update made any smartwatch an independent device that doesn’t need Bluetooth connectivity and can act on own by connecting to Wifi and GPS. It also supports navigation and android pay.

  9. Stunning AMOLED Display

    An upgrade from LCD Display to crystal clear AMOLED display with ambient sensor that adjust brightness automatically. Thus making the display crispiest for a smartwatch in the market.

  10. ANDROID with Google Assistant as well as IOS Support

    Seamless connectivity with all the major device OS available in the market. Apple or Android, you Tag Heuer Connected is a beauty that is compatible all around. With its own Artificial Intelligence, Google Assistant on your wrist makes it an intelligent, smart and self-learning powerful device on your wrist that one can ever imagine.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 – 2017 is available for Pre Order at Johnson Watch Co. You can mail us at info@johnsonwatch.com or fill this form with your specific requirements.