The Glorious Happy Diamond Collection by Chopard, available at Johnson

Chopard Watches truly know what a woman longs for to make herself feel iconic. Today’s woman is independent and cheerful, she is sensual and strong; she needs something majestic to match her opulence laced personality. Happy Diamond collection by Chopard is something that fulfils the dream of the most glorious stone. Among luxury watch for ladies, there is no other brand that meets elegance with style as beautifully as Chopard watches do.

Happy Diamond Collection by Chopard Watches

Happy Diamond Collection by Chopard

Here is all you need to know about the Happy Diamond Collection by Chopard Watches.

  • Chopard watches have been synonymous with exceptional quality since their inception in 1860. This is clearly reflected in each timepiece and accessory they create. The Happy Diamond Collection is no exception to this. Whether it be a diamond studded Chopard Ladies watch or an awe-inspiring tiny link of bijouterie, this luxe brand that produces luxury watch for ladies has proven its dominance in the luxury sector.
Chopard Happy Diamond

Happy Diamond

  • The Happy Diamonds Collection has been into existence with Chopard Watches since the 1970s where Chopard Ladies watch saw innovations like a combination of sports and jewelry watches.
  • Chopard Watches went on to produce an exclusive jewelry line alongside the existing jewelry watch line in the 1980s. Luxury watch for ladies wasn’t the only accessory to be adorned with diamonds. The Chopard Watches jewelry collection consisted of petite diamond necklaces, breathtaking rings and resplendent bracelets.
  • The Happy Diamond Collection is inspired by the ever free ethos of a woman’s spirit. Chopard Watches ensure that none of the radiance that women exude should be lost in any of their accessories from the Happy Diamond Collection. A woman, sparkles and radiates a magnificent aura and is yet subtle in doing so, just like a diamond. This direct co-relation of a diamond and a woman’s free spirit led Chopard Watches to expand from producing just luxury watch for ladies to a whole line of irresistible diamond jewelry.
  • These avant-garde creations by Chopard Watches have revolutionized watchmaking. These diamonds float freely inside any Chopard Ladies watch or an elegant piece of jewelry. These moving diamonds are protected in gold to avoid any scratches to the surface of these brilliant diamonds. The diamonds radiate their brilliance when they are able to freely move about and swirl inside the exalted piece of jewelry.
  • The craftsmanship, polishing and assembly of the Happy Diamond Collection is flawless, making it the awe-inspiring collection from Chopard Watches that it is.
  • Chopard Watches have changed the way women look at a luxury watch for ladies. It is not just an accessory now but a royal affair studded with diamonds that sprinkle her cheerfulness around. A Chopard Ladies watch is no more just a watch but a complete attire in itself, exuding sheer brilliance through its pristine design.
Chopard Happy Diamonds

Chopard Happy Diamond

Chopard Watches are a class apart and there is no denying the fact that the Happy Diamond Collection has a major role to play in the stature of this brand today. The revolutionary concept for building a luxury watch for ladies that does not need anything but a mere look to fall in love with its magnificence is what has defines true luxury.