The Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire by Hublot Watches

Ever since the Big Bang UNICO by Hublot Watches debuted last year, it has made waves in the luxury watch segment. Considering its complexity and detailing, this model from Hublot Watches is quite affordable even with a price tag of $58,000 because let’s not forget the sapphire case it comes in. The first Big Bang is followed by the all-black version which is equally enticing for luxury watch enthusiasts.

Here are all the things you need to be updated on about the Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire by Hublot Watches

Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic

Hublot Big Bang Unico Internal Component

  • Proof of concept was established by the first two epitomes of grandeur in technology. The first from the Big Bang collection of Hublot Watches was all transparent with its Sapphire crystal casing, revealing the intricacies of its functioning which is awe-inspiring to say the least.
  • What Hublot watches aimed at in their newest addition to the Big Bang collection is legibility and practicality of daily use. The Magic Sapphire has a black strap and dial and is ultra-cool with its transparent sapphire case which is also scratch proof.
  • Because of the sapphire case, the Big Bang Magic Sapphire watches are heavily priced and hence are a limited edition among other Hublot Watches. Sapphire is costlier than almost all of the other materials out there including carbon fiber and metal. Also the complexity of its functioning contributes to its hefty price tag which is again, not much for any luxury watch connoisseur.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic Sapphire

  • The ‘magic’ in the name for this Big Bang watch is not there just for effect. It refers to the dual color contrast between white and black which lends an important role to the legibility on the dial. This one from Hublot watches is pure genius since it is eyeball grabbing along with being incredible at performance. This is a rare co-existence in most luxury watches around.
  • With a whopping 3 day power reserve, the Hublot caliber HUB1242 automatic chronograph movement runs at 4Hz in this Big Bang watch from Hublot Watches. The transparent case lets you see this whole movement through and you can’t help but get mesmerized at its perfection and harmony.
  • The water-resistant case up to 50 meters is 45mm in width for the Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire from Hublot Watches. The sleek black strap is made of rubber and can be removed easily with the help of Hublot Watches’ ‘one click’ mechanism.

The Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire wins hands down when it comes to transparency in mechanism and class in design. There is no way this sassy timepiece from Hublot Watches can go unnoticed by luxury watch connoisseurs who are equally passionate about witnessing the functioning of a watch. Most definitely a practical watch for regular use, the Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire is for keeps. Since it is a limited edition from the house of Hublot watches, you either own it or you don’t. With a friendly price tag of $58,000 for a watch with a Sapphire casing, believe it or not, this is a steal