Top 4 Chronograph Timepieces Of 2016!

top 4 chronograph timepieces 2016 luxury watch brands

Top 4 Chronograph Timepieces of 2016 – Luxury Watch Brands at Johnson Watch Store in Delhi


Chronographs are defined as timepieces fitted with a recording device as a stylus and rotating drum. It is used to mark the exact instant of an occurrence. Chronograph luxury watches have a basic feature that it can act as a stop watch also. Read a list of chronograph luxury watch brands that will make you fall in love with time.

Lange & Sohne Datograph Perpetual

This timepiece is a juxtaposition of three watch complications in one. An instantaneous perpetual calendar with moon phase display is the major highlight in this one. It is a limited edition watch with only 100 pieces manufactured.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5370

This luxury watch is beautifully designed with a manual mechanical movement. It has got a split-seconds chronograph. Other than this, the timepiece has tachymeter scale, authentic black enamel dial and alligator strap, which makes it all the more adorable. It is water resistant to 30m.

Panerai Mare Nostrum Titanio

Panerai Mare Nostrum Titanio is a hand wound chronograph featuring a column wheel and swan-neck regulator. It also has bridges made of Mailechort and Cotes de Geneve finishing on the plates. Further, the case is made using a screwed-in back plate to give it an authentic feel.

Vachron Constantin Harmony

This fabulously designed masterpiece has ultra thin and self winding mono-pusher chronograph. Vachron Constantin Harmony is highlighted with its cushion-shaped case and pulsation dial. This timepiece presents a traditional architecture. Also, it has a 65-hour power reserve. Modern production method has made this chronograph super tight and is also finished with high-end engravings. Indeed, a luxury watch – beautiful to look at and own.

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Johnson Watch Co.

In 1950, our journey of timeless precision and perfection began. We carried forward the tradition and introduced a global appeal to the collection and our showrooms. We were the first ones to bring premium and luxury Swiss brands closer to the Indian ground. The legacy gracefully graduated and has been passed onto the 3rd generation of the family, who are together infusing innovative and novel ideas to the brand. They have introduced boutique concepts across Delhi and NCR. In a short span of time, they have gone a step further and introduced world-class and distinguished limited collections, the brands which are within the reach of a chosen few.

Top 5 Luxury Watch Brands in India

Luxury timepieces aren’t just functional; they are also a dazzling addition to your wardrobe. Even though the primary purpose of these watches is to tell the time, but today’s watch making styles offer amazing, additional benefits. The material used in manufacturing these eminent pieces are of optimum quality and quite costly.

Many people go for luxury watches not only because they are stylish or sophisticated but because they are made of high-quality material and made to last a long time. Different folks consider different timepieces, brands and collections. These watches have a long list of innovative features. These days there are galore of choices for the watch admirers as they can find the piece of their choice from any of the luxury watch showroom. The intriguing characteristic of these timepieces is that they can last generations and still function properly. This makes luxury timekeepers some of the most popular ones on the market. As these timepieces are able to offer so much to consumers, they are often priced fairly high. Here are some of the exquisite watches that are creating buzz in the watch making industry.

1. Bvlgari

Bvlgari watches are widely celebrated for their fashion and precision, which make them well acknowledged in the world luxury industry. If you are planning to buy these explicit timepieces then it simply means you are investing in quality that will never go out of style.
There are different styles and models of jewelry watches that are made by talented watchmakers. Each of these glorious timepieces has their own design and elegance. Every timekeeper is incredible from the dial to the case to the diamonds, and few of the tickers have an 18 karat white gold set including baguetter-cut diamonds. These luxury watches by Bvlgari are specially made for those people who are fashion conscious. Almost every single piece of this renowned brand comes with their well-known bezel.
They are unbeaten because of their understanding that the progress of the style must follow the changes of time; in watch connoisseur’s habits and their taste.

2. Chopard

If you are thinking about a fashion, elegance, and a timeless wrist timepiece then you are certainly thinking of Chopard watches. These pieces are striking assembly of engineering and refined technologies. The distinctive collections and the classic watches from Chopard are made to last a lifetime. It has gained a shining reputation through high-end tickers and has been continuously contributing to the world of horology.

The outstanding designs and the advanced technologies used to design these watches continue to amaze all the watch lovers across the globe. From the last 150 years, it is carving a unique niche among the luxury watch companies by serving the world with its superb timepieces. These tickers are made by fashion conscious designers and are well crafted for all individuals. Every collection of Chopard has its own story and motif.

This luxury brand now boasts more than one hundred boutiques all around the world. Chopard has surely made its name as an internationally acknowledged luxury brand. With highly engineered models such as the Perpetual Calendar, the Tonneau, and the Chronograph Mille Miglia this brand will not disappoint the watch collector or connoisseur.

3. Corum

Corum is one of the several top luxury watch manufacturers that come out of Switzerland today. This company is known for its exceptional and often youthful design of timepieces and has always offered classy pieces that constantly deliver quality, long life. These timepieces are trusted by every luxury watch enthusiast. A look at the collection of this exemplary watch will show you a range of unique styles to choose from.

Corum watches are designed to be distinctive and inspirational. Instead of following the trends, many of these tickers set the trend on an international marketplace. You will see a true passion for watch making as you look through the glorious range of watches offered by this company today. This company has continued to provide first-class pieces known around the globe for their quality.

4. Graham

Graham is a significant British brand re-started by The British Masters which is a Swiss watch company. The initiative behind the concept of this company was to recall the tradition of the great British watchmakers, namely George Graham and John Arnold. Graham watches are the combination of English heritage and Swiss watch making. George Graham’s inquisitive inventions are the inspiration behind these timepieces.

Graham watches are particularly designed to unique styles. The timekeepers are made of quality materials which make its demand to go even higher. The company uses innovative machining processes and daring styling. Its Chronofighter collection can be used underwater. The timepieces of sporty chronographs have a unique appearance which makes it a desired pick for most of the watch admirers.

5. Hublot

Hublot is a well-renowned name in luxury watch making. This Swiss luxury watchmaker was founded in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco. This brand is known for the sophisticated materials that are used for watch manufacturing.
Hubolt big bang collection created waves in the world of horology. The unique pieces of this collection are epitome of craftsmanship and skill. The best thing about these timepieces is that they can be worn at any time, with any attire. Different sizes and styles are available. They also make ideal gifts for any special one in your life.

When ordering one of these timekeepers, make sure you purchase from a reliable store that has an established reputation. You need to make it certain that you get a genuine timepiece. Hublot watch price is quite high because of the quality leather and metals that are used in it. These watches show smooth functioning for years. Whether you want to purchase one for yourself or as a souvenir for someone else, you will see that it is designed and made to last for years.

Top Unparalleled Brands of Luxury Watch Industry by Johnson Watch

Now is the time when you must watch your WATCH as Johnson Watch comes with all new brands of watches. It has a good reputation of keeping the convenience of its valued customers and for this purpose it has introduced an authorized service center Johnson Watch Care. The excellence of service can be judged by its expert engineers who have been trained overseas. The center also provides authentic spare parts and service that is quick but more importantly very effective.

Johnson Watch Co was founded by A.L Madan and U.C Madan in 1950, then began the journey of timeless precision and perfection. The collection was introduced globally by Mr. Anil and Rajesh Madan. Their views set up a new trend and brought the premium and luxury Swiss brands closer to the Indian ground.

Now the burden of responsibilities is on the shoulders of Manish and Ankit Mada who are the 3rd generation of this dynasty. These two are infusing innovative and novel ideas like the boutique concept across Delhi and National Capital Region. They are going a big stride forward by introducing the world-class and eminent limited collection.

In the older days people used to buy watches and particularly wrist watches for just keeping the track of time. But in this modern time people have different perception regarding watches. Customers want to buy such timepieces which would glorify their personalities. Recent decades have seen demand for luxurious watches rapidly growing. Youngsters are more inclined towards this craze of buying range of timepieces. Various brands are doing exceptionally well in meeting up these demands.

1. The Best option for Gift

When it comes to buying a gift, watches can be a better option comparatively. Everyone of us must have faced a perplexed situation in which we want to gift something nice and classy to someone special but eventually ended up in a mesh. Gifting a nice luxurious watch in such occasion can make a great impression. Watches can be a symbol of remembrance.

2. Style Statement

In this world of competence, a watch plays a vital role in an individual’s social life. Nowadays it is significant for us to know the actual value of time, which can be known through the usage of watches. The timepieces were introduced in the 15th century and since 17th century started germinating and now in this modern era they have become a symbol of style. The basic watches introduced were totally mechanical, and as technology progressed electronic mechanism was developed. Several of the timepieces are water-resistant and are also called as diving watches. These watches are waterproof and are generally used during various water sporting namely rafting, scuba diving etc. These watch are made up of strong material and are long lasting as well.

3. Showcasing Stature

There are many high cost luxury watches available in the market. If you are wearing one of these watches in social gatherings, then it will definitely leave a mark of your stature in the people’s mind. These timekeeping gadgets will surely typify your status in a society.

There are several luxurious watches whose market is consistently increasing in demand as well as in term of production.


This brand provides the best match to your personality, your image and most importantly adds impressive attitude to your style. Dior watches have a great demand especially among ladies as it provides more number of choices and broad range of models.Its Christal and Diamond models are quiet famous among ladies. Customers are becoming addicted to its extraordinary stylish designs.

These watches are created in the Avenue Montaigne studios. Dior timepiece is made up of three main collections such as La D De Dior for girls, Chiffre Rouge for men, and Dior Christal also for girls.


Cartier is a revolutionary brand which attained enormous popularity with its rectangular dial. Cartier’s designs are mostly combinations of classical and modern models. This uniqueness gives it an edge over other brands as it becomes the common choice for both youngsters and middle aged customers as well. Cartier watches are suitable for every occasion, thus no confusion of pairing it with your professional or casual attire.

Cartier blends the best in watchmaking, both on the outside and on the inside. Every timepiece of Cartier is a remarkable work of creation. Some of its models such as The Cartier Santos line features simple elegance with its characteristic large Roman numerals; and the bold shape of the Cartier Tank line gives a unique distinction to the wearer.


Longines is creating many landmarks after being established in 1832. Longines watches not only have an interesting history but also has fascinating range of models in its collection. It has something to offer to every timepiece lover with its traditional and sophisticated models being liked by the people of all ages. These Longines watches are the symbol of royalty and heritage because of its well renowned model of round metallic dials with leather straps or synthetic straps. These watches are durable for longer time and some specially designed models for women who like more sophistication. These watches definitely have quality and the current collection of Longines watches have a number of timepieces that are highly recommended specially for high class social gatherings.


Omega is a celebrated name in many developed countries and has a flourishing market in India as well. The adaptable nature of Omega models make it even more favorable to be used in variety of occasions.
It was promoted in the well known movie super spy 007 of James Bond series, which made it even more popular among people. The new innovation of engineering that is used in latest Deville wrist watches has made it even more technically sound. This re- engineering of these Omega watches is certainly increasing its demand among timepiece lovers. These watches are having an upper hand over other brands because of its exactness and chronograph range that gives multiple choice for its buyers.
The flexible designs such as classic silver and black tones in watch made it a strong rival for all other luxury watch brands. One can use these Omega watches with any type of clothing which is additional factor for its exploding demand in the market of luxury watches.


As the modern engineering is developing, watch-making method is undergoing rapid alteration. Watch manufacturers are wondering about how to get inspiration from their tradition and past innovations. As the technology is advancing, the markets are flooding with a number of watches having differing functionality along with magnificent precision but the elegance of Brequet watches has separate reputation among its customers. It is one of the greatest and lavish watches which also enhance your personality. Many of the folks loves to bought the watches according to their taste and Brequet guarantees to match those expectations.

6. Piaget

Piaget watches use the latest cutting edge technology to create timepieces that are not only exclusive but rare as well. It is the only Swiss watch manufacturing company that enjoys the rare privilege of overseeing their entire production process. Thus, from the initial step of designing the watches to the movements used in them, the cases that are made out gold and titanium to their manufacture and final distribution. It has more than forty specialized under a single roof.

7. Vacheron Constantin

Though it would look like a trivial detail but wristwatch add up to your style statement. Vacheron constantin watches come in many designs and coloring. It competes equally well with its competitions in the field of accuracy. Thus, quality in terms of performance and attractiveness is the unique detail of this brand.

8. Jaeger – LeCoultre

This brand is known for its researches and innovations. This brand offers creations over eight discrete collection. Jaeger – LeCoultre Watches have been destined to travel to different parts of the world and create even more reverence and admiration from some of the finest and biggest watch making companies of all times.

9. Tissot

Tissot watches are becoming famous mostly among ladies who are related to any kind of sports. It is a luxury Switzerland based company founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his boy Charles-Émile Tissot in 1853. Tissot watches have an unique characteristic of simple, elegant, and personalized style.

10. Tag Heuer

This was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer in the Swiss Jura under the name of “Edouard Heuer, Fabrique d’Horlogerie” and since then has gone through a number of name changes. It settled with its name Tag Heuer in 1985. It has long standing connections with Hollywood and the universe of game. Tag Heuer watches has the privilege of serving as authority timekeeper of the three Summer Olympic Games of the 1920s, Formula One World Championships and the Skiing World Championships.

11. IWC

IWC stands for the International Watch Company. IWC watches are considered the dark horse in luxury watches as it is extremely accurate, extremely classy and durable. These watches are available for both men and women in a large number of designs which gives it an exceptional lead from other timekeeping brands. These extraordinary time pieces are a source of joy and pride to their proprietors and gives them different persona in social gatherings altogether.

12. Girard – Perregaux

This brand has its name in the top list of the luxury brand watches. The interesting factor which surrounds Girard-Perregaux watches is the composition and design of these timepieces which includes titanium metal and transparent case backs. It has a unique collection of timepieces which have a retro look.

13. Raymond Weil

With the utmost caution it is aimed at combining engineering, refinement and modernity all at the same time. Raymond Weil watches are so versatile and has a variety of ranges for every age group. These bracelet watches can dress up a woman’s outfit without looking too elaborate.


This brand has the reputation of scratch resistant crystal cage. Rado watches have set up a different genre in the industry for using very fine materials in their collections but also for their exceptional aesthetic merits. This brand has been able to receive more than thirty international design awards for their ultra-modern model of timepieces. Thus, brand has achieved immense positive response throughout the world.

15. Chopard

This is one of the well known Swiss watch manufacturing companies in the world, Chopard has countless firsts achievements to its name and one of its well known milestone is its launch of women watches including jewelry watches in 1974. Chopard Watches are well known for its sophisticated design. It organizes different workshops time to time in order to train its watchmakers in the new techniques and skills which they can input in their manufacturing of the timekeepers. This modification of technology and skills is carried so as to keep up with the changing situations.

16. Jaquet Droz

Jaquet Droz Watches are the work of artistic creation. In this inspiring collection, every design looks like a beautiful painting frozen in time and invokes an artistic spirit. Jaquet Droz till date works under the same inherited values and rules that have been passed on for generations. The watches are created for wealthy clients as per their demand.


This brand is very famous for its high quality watches. Panerai watches are based on two Luminor and Radiomir collections. The Officine Panerai is regarded as the ultimate watch brand in sports tickers. These watches still maintains classic features of their original design without great modification. These timepieces are famous for the simple design and its waterproof feature. These watches have a large dial. Panerai is conquering the worldwide watch market with its hi-tech specifications and ultimate elegance. It still leads the world’s luxury timepieces.

18. Mont Blanc

It has a great variety of watches that can be checked out because of its conventional looking timepieces. If you want to invest a ransom amount of money on your watch and you want it to last long then Mont Blanc watches are the best option that you can have.

19. A Lange & Sohne

These are extravagant designer watches. The fact which distinguishes these luxury watches from other branded watch is not only its high cost and glorious finish but its accuracy. A Longe & Shone watches can be nice expensive gift for your close ones.


This brand is known for its excellence in providing outstanding quality watches to its clients. Baume & Mercier watches are striving towards new technology and coming up with innovative ideas to make its characteristic mark in the watch industry.

21. Ulysse Nardin

It started making its mark in the watch industry from the year 1846. Conventionally, the brand focused on making special marine chronometers for the Naval forces. As the years have passed, it expanded its technology to create useful timepieces for everyone else. Ulysse Nardin Watches are becoming more popular because of its innovative and aesthetic designs.


The company renowned for its unparalleled and often youthful design of watches and has always offered stylish pieces that consistently deliver good quality for longer period of time. It has a range of unique styles and collections to choose from. Corum Luxury Watches are designed as per the customers demand and are known for its quality models.

23. Parmigiani

Parmigiani watches are creating the high-performance horological uniqueness in the watch industry. Whenever customers pay for luxury watches they always have certain expectations from a particular brand which are durability, reliability and accuracy in timekeeping. Parmigiani promises to fulfill all such prospects.

24. Blancpain

Watches are one of the most important belonging that forms an integral part of our personality. People are often confused about the type of watch that suits them the best, in that case Blancpain is the right and the best brand for them in every prospect. Blancpain watches from the beginning are related the production of traditional and mechanical form of timepieces.

25. Bvlgari

Bvlgari watches are famed for their fashion and exactitude, which make them well received in the luxury watch industry. It has the talented watchmakers for designing jewelry watches. Most of us want to invest in a quality timepiece that will never go out of fashion and Bvlgari definitely satisfies this growing need.

Experience Luxury Bond Style with Latest James Bond Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

The world acclaimed spy James Bond comes back with yet another exciting experience in Spectre, set to release on November 2015. Specialist 007 is never seen without his unbelievable sports autos and interesting contraptions which incorporate the most recent Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. With its unmatched new features and stunning outline the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is a commendable companion of James Bond in his action pressed way of life.

James Bond Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

The Limited Edition James Bond Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is roused by the Bond family emblem. The image is wonderfully displayed in guilloche design on the blue PVD dial and as a theme on the yellow seconds hand. The James Bond outline is likewise noticeable on the rotor at the back of the watch which looks like within a firearm barrel.

Coming from the house of one of the best brands of watches this timepiece is loaded with some great functions and specifications. The eminent features of the James Bond Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra incorporate, a resistance to magnetic fields more grounded than 15,007 Gauss, and a C.O.S.C. ensured Omega gauge 8507 chronometer movement for radiant exactness and accuracy. Impedance to magnetic fields of more than 15,007 Gauss, the most elevated in any wrist watch, has been made conceivable by making the key segments of the movement utilizing non-magnetic alloys and materials.

High magnetic resistance in a wrist watch is critical for James Bond, who is regularly in circumstances where his contraptions and adversary hardware transmit solid magnetic powers. In everyday wear a mechanical wrist watch is presented to numerous circumstances where magnetic fields, for example, those radiated by electronic devices can after some time influence exactness of the wrist watch or prompt complete disappointment by charging the movement parts. Luxury watch brands often do not pay much heed to this, but Omega has effortlessly designed this timekeeping instrument to stay protected from magnetic attacks.

The all stainless steel James Bond Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra has a self twisting movement with co-hub escapement for more prominent accuracy, strength and solidness adding more name and fame to the legacy of Omega watches. The force store of the watch is an amazing 60 hours suitable for the most compelling of Bond’s missions.

A domed sapphire crystal secures the 41.5mm blue PVD dial which is encompassed by brilliant hands, hour markers and yellow minute markers. Jewel cut hands and lists are available on the blue dial with Bond family crest design. The James Bond 007 style is strikingly unmistakable on the blue dial with the notorious 007 firearm plan pleasantly converged with the >15007 Gauss logo. The Master Co-Axial Chronometer is an image of the exactness and precision of the most recent Omega caliber 8507.

The James Bond style configuration of Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra reaches out to the caseback. There is a staggering perspective of the rotor with rhodium plated skeleton firearm barrel plan and a gold shot at the middle with James Bond engraved on it. The James Bond Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is a greatly tough timepiece. Being a restricted release every watch has its serial number engraved on the back. Different features incorporate an all steel wrist trinket, a tighten crown and 150M water resistance capability.

10 Most Expensive Watch Brands in the World

Majority of people possess a watch as it will tell time, day, date and many other things. Along with this, you will get a stylish look as well and this is the reason, people are ready to spend a big amount of sum to buy a timepiece. High priced pieces are also known as luxury watches and they are bought by the rich people who do not want to make any sort of compromise with style and sophistication. When you have these watches in your wrist, it will complement your attire and will give you a look that you always yearned to have.

Plethora of luxury watch brands is present in the market that is famous for their flawless finishing, latest technology and durable parts. Most of the luxury watches are costly but only few of them got a place in the top 10 high priced watches. Read on to know that which luxury watches have won the race to be regarded as the costliest accessories in the entire world.

Jaeger LeCoultre

The Swiss watch brand is known for offering the best luxury watches but at the high price. It has offered umpteen inventions that have changed luxury wrist watch industry. Founded in 1933 by the Antoine LeCoultre, the brand is favorite of many rich people who want to live their life to the fullest. Complicated watch and the keyless luxury timepiece, Jaeger LeCoultre is a pioneer in its domain.


Brand named as Breguet is one of the oldest watch brand that is still in existence. Launched in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the brand is preferred by many rich people. It is founded in Paris that is in France and yet not considered as a French brand as Abraham-Louis Breguet is a Swiss and it headquarter was transferred to Switzerland after one year. King Louis XVI along with his queen, liked the brand so much that they commissioned many timepieces that encompass Marie Antoinette and the great masterpiece.


Blancpain brand is, too, very old and never offer the watch that cannot give the utmost satisfaction to its buyer. Jehan-Jaques Blancpain found the brand in 1735 that makes it around 300 years old. An individual luxury watch is assembled by a single watchmaker or skilled person and, thereby, the manufacturer is able to provide the finest thing to the entire world. And this is the reason; these timepieces are limited in number, which can be bought by only a few folks. Only the best and highly expensive parts are used to assemble these luxury timepieces and therefore, they are high in price.


Georges Piaget is founder of Piaget watches and he presented such a beautiful accessory to the work in 1874. It is one of the few names that makes and develops movements in-house. The brand is a master of establishing ultra-thin watches and always strives to break it own record of excellence and precision. Engineers endeavor to invent new and the latest technology to make the piece of art and they try to quench your thirst for style with luxury.

Vacheron Constantin

Perhaps, one of the most respected Swiss watch manufacturers is Vacheron Constantin. Introduced in 1755, the watch is worn by Emperors, Popes and Presidents. Owing to its long history, it is preferred by most of the high class folks who prefer style and sophistication over everything. Myriad range of watch models is sold by the brand that involves Patrimony, Harmony, Malte, Overseas, 1972, Historiques etc. converting them fit for every single occasion.

A Lange & Söhne

While talking about the pricey watches, A. Lange & Söhne is the one must be included in the list at a good place. The brand is not from Switzerland but a German manufacturer that is quite an unusual incident in the timepiece industry. Umpteen models are given by the brand such as Zeitwerk, Richard Lange, Lange 1, 1815 and Saxonia.

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is a brand, famous for offering peerless luxury watches, which have revolutionized the world of watch since 1860. Exceptional quality, choronograph and high precision has made the watch to won the heart of most of the luxury watch connoisseurs. Robust, reliable and assemble while using the avant-garde technology, these watches are quite a fun to own and use. Carrera, Aquaracer, Formula 1, Monaco, Link and Grand Carrera are some of its models that helped the manufacturer to carve a niche in its domain.


Omega, the last letter of Greek alphabet, has a meaning perfection and accomplishment that is found in every single piece of art, made by the brand. Gifted by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848, the Switzerland luxury watch brand crafts innumerable symbol of sophistication and therefore, used by the daniel craig (James Bond 007) in his upcoming movie ‘Spectre’.


Another respected name in the watch industry is Rado who presented its first watch to the world in 1957 under its own brand name. Its scratch resistant crystal case wowed the folks and now, they are able to wear a luxury timepiece that will look like a new one for decades. Hyperchrome, Diamaster, True, Centrix, Esenza Touch, D-Original, Classics, R-X etc. are some of its models and you can change any one of them according to your mood and occasion on which you are going to wear them.


Tissot watch brand has been pioneering innovation and precision since its foundation i.e. in 1853. It is a member of Swatch Group that is known as the largest manufacturer and distributor of timepieces across the globe. The brand is known for its avant-garde functionality, special materials and high tech products. A wide array of models are offered by the Tissot watch brand that encompasses Touch Collection, T-Classic, T-Sport, T-Trend, Special Collection, Heritage, T-Pocket and T-Gold.

No matter, which luxury brand you select, you are going to have the perfect one. All the aforementioned watches are the costliest and when you possess them then it is for sure that it will give you a luxe feeling and the peeps near to you will give a very serious and respectable look to you.

Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette Watch Launched by Tissot Brand

As a luxury watch making brand, the Tissot is highly reputed in the market and the manufacture’s watch is owned by most of the big stars and celebrities. The name is known for offering the best watches that are made by using the latest technology that makes it the best and one of the most preferred names in the market. It is backed by the best engineers in the world who are known for making the finest watches in the entire universe. Every single watch is made by using the latest advancement in the timepieces with the help of the avant-garde mechanism. After preparing the timepiece, it is gone through the stringent testing process and if it does not pass the testing then there is no chance that the watch is launched in the market. Tissot watch brand has introduced several notable releases and now it has brought a new wave to create a wow impression in the market. Name of the model is Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette and it is another reasonable addition in the list of the manufacturer.

Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette Tissot Watch

The Skeleton Look

By introducing the skeleton look all the brands have nailed down the highest end of the expensive watch spectrum. These watches are quite different in comparison of other counterparts and that is why, it is preferred by those classy people who want to have something unusual on their wrist and by this way, wants to catch the eyeball of the passerby. One issue exists with the watch i.e. reading the time as the wearer can see all the mechanism or parts of the timepiece and at that time seeing the time is not a breeze.

The Used Parts

Rose gold make it the high cost watch at the same instant and that is why, when you have it on your wrist, you are going to boast of your wealth without saying any single word. All the parts are made in the factory of Tissot itself and they are checked for several times to ensure the quality and that is why, there is no doubt about the quality and it will give you the result that you wanted to have from a luxury branded watch.

The Price

The watch can be bought by paying around $2,050 that is quite reasonable for such a nice watch and it is the most perfect among the same type of timepiece, launched by any other brand. It is water resistant and there is no need to get drenched in rain and since the case is made up of stainless steel so it is scratch resistant too. That is why, it will look like a new one for even decades.

Longines Hydro Conquest: The true Masterpiece for Timekeeping Needs

When it comes to creating quality masterpieces with elegant design, Longines has always satisfied people. These watches have created a buzz ever since they came into existence. The brand house has fashioned some of the finest models of horological skills on this planet. The watch company is a Switzerland based enterprise and was founded by Auguste Agassiz. The brand name truly crafts watches that go well with its tagline – “Elegance is an attitude.” Longines was the watch making company that provided timers in the first Olympic in 1896.

Longines Hydro ConquestLongines Watches have been always known for the superior quality of their timepieces. It is said the watches of this brand house almost last forever and that is an excellent evident of their high quality. In 1899, a Longines watch went to the North Pole along with its arctic explorer Louis Amédée de Savoie. Today Longines manufactures high class sports watches and chronographs. On February 2001 the company manufactures its 30 millionth watch and that is such a great achievement for any time keeping company. In the present period Longines is said to be the most preferred name in the Luxury Brands section.

Longines Sport Collection Hydro Conquest

When it comes to horological skills, Longines has never disappointed timepiece lovers. Yet another magnificent creation of the brand house is the Longines Hydro Conquest. The watch has so much in it that can please any timepiece admirer. The Longines Hydro Conquest was launched in 2007 and at the time where colleague Swiss brand Omega decided to raise the list prices of their watches. Going by the specifications of the timepiece, it possesses a 41mm diameter stainless steel case, water resistant up to 300 meters (30ATM), stainless steel bracelet with double security folding clasp and integrated diving extension, a mechanical Longines caliber 633 movement (based on ETA’s caliber 2824), unidirectional rotating (aluminium) bezel, screw-in crown and a sapphire crystal.

Longines Hydro Conquest Watch

The case of the Longines Hydro Conquest has a satin brush finish as well as some polished parts that play nicely with the Sun rays making it an eye pleasing experience. The dial has a good readability and it uses Super Luminova for the indexes, Arabic numerals and the broad Silvered polished hands. A good sports timepiece should have a very readable dial, especially in the case of diving watches. This Longines Hydro Conquest exactly shows how it should be done to create a fine masterpiece. The timepiece possesses a Swiss made automatic movement that adds to its smoothness. Doing an overall evaluation of the time keeping instrument we can easily come to a decision that the timepiece has given a new definition to a Luxury Watch.

A Complete Guide on Swiss Watch Showrooms in Delhi

Watches have always been serving man’s purpose since their evolution. When we talk specifically about watches, Swiss timepieces are the ones that catch the voices of everyone. There is a special thing about these adornments that attract the glares of everyone. Over the wear Swiss wristwatches have been ruling the time keeping industry. The special thing about these timepieces is that they are crafted by the latest technology and their quality has never disappointed people. Swiss watches boast of distinct features that are very user friendly.

Swiss watches are the second name for lavish timepieces. These watches have a renowned name in the world platform and everyone who possesses likeness for lavish adornments has a love for Swiss timepieces too. The quality and sophisticated designs of these accessories separate them from the other classes. These adornments are rare of a kind and it is not easy to buy them. India too is through a phase where people have started become fonder of luxury goods. The present scenarios have created a market of Swiss watches in the country.

Where to Buy Swiss Watches in Delhi

Delhi is said to be the city with very high living standards and there is an immense demand of luxury watches in the country. These timepieces are atypical to find in the normal domestic stores and only prestigious dealers put these watch sin their stock. Johnson Watch Company is also one among the most prestigious Swiss watch Showroom in Delhi and has been serving the needs of timepiece lovers from quite a period of time. The luxury watch brands of Switzerland that are loved by people are Blancpain, Chopard, Cartier, Hublot, IWC, Longines, Jaegar Le Coultre, Omega, Rado, Rolex, Ulysse Nardin and many more. You can buy your favorite timepiece from any of the Johnson Watch Showrooms given below –

Connaught Place

C-16, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001
Ph: +91-11-41513121,41513110,43509170
Fax: +91-11-41517161
Johnson Watch Company

South Extension

A-12, South Extension, Part-I, New Delhi – 110049
Ph: +91-11-24642299,41646766,24647979
Fax: +91-11-24647979

Johnson Watch Showroom South Extension

Connaught Place

L-21, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001
Ph: +91-11-41517519

Johnson Watch Showroom Connaught-Place


Vasant Kunj – Ambience Mall

G-19 Ground Floor, Ambience Mall
Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj
New Delhi-110070
Tel: +91-11-32945554, Fax: +91-11-41517161

Johnson Watch Showroom Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj

Vasant Kunj – Emporio Mall

Shop No. 243, Emporio Mall
Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj
New Delhi-110070
Tel: +91-11-46098205/06, Fax: +91-11-41517161

Johnson Watch Showroom Emporio Mall Vasant Kunj

G-6, Ambience Mall, NH-8,
Gurgaon 122002,
Haryana, India
Ph: +91-124 4665606, 4665607
Fax: +91-124 4665608

Buying the Blancpain Watches via Net Based Stores

Watches are the most useful accessory for all of us and that is why, they are in huge demand. You must have seen most of the persons around you with the wrist watch. When you have a timepiece at that time, you can know about the time whenever you want and thus, complete all your work on time. In the past, people bought watch just to see the time but nowadays, they purchase the timepiece to enhance their personality as well and they do not care about the money as well and are ready to spend huge amount to have the accessory. You can own the timepiece quite easily since it is not high in price but if you have big bank balance then there are Luxury Wrist Watches for you and to buy them, you have to spend money even in crores.

Buy the one that you like the most and that suits your pocket in the best manner. Assuming that you wish to have one then there is no need to traipse from one place to another as there are several authorized shops in the market from where you can have these timepieces. Using these conventional stores need lots of time and if you have that then they are good for you or you can go for the net based stores that will help you to save large amount of time, money and energy.

The Options

Blancpain WatchesTalking about the choices, opulence of timepieces is present for you. No matter that which brand or model you wish to have, you will find that. Imagine that you yearn to have Blancpain Watches for you or some of your known then you can have that quite easily. May be, you do not have the same at one e-store since it may be out of stock but you can have that on the other e-shop. Finding your favorite manufacturer or model is just a child’s play as there are lots of tools for you and when you use them, you will find the desired brand instantly. Several divisions and sub-classifications are present on the site and by clicking on the right one; all the options will get appeared on the computer screen. With the help of the search box, you can reach to the desired model of Blancpain Watches straightaway, all you need to do, just type the right keywords.

The Facilities

Buy the luxury watches while sitting at your home and there is no need to go anywhere. Actually, to use the online shopping sites, you just have to utilize your computer that has a net connectivity and now all your shopping for the Bvlgari Watches will get finished in minutes. Only few clicks of the mouse are enough and then the parcel will be sent to your home and the home delivery is free of cost too. May be, you do not like the watch then you can return it as well and you do not have to argue a bit with the delivery boy.

Why to Buy Top Branded Watches via Online Shopping Sites?

Watches are widely used across the world and they are the most useful device that we possess on our body. You can see time through the device and then you will be able to complete all your works at the given time and thus, you will be regarded as the punctual man among your friends. In the past, the device was used only to see the time but now in the modern era, when all the things are co related with the fashion, these watches are connected with the fashion as well. Nowadays, you can buy the watch that is high in style and they are very well manufactured by the top manufacturers and that is why, they are in huge demand. There is large number of Top Branded Watches and all of them are the finest in the field. These watches are made by the highly experienced workers who are known for offering the finest timepieces in the whole world.

If you wish to have any one of them then you can go for the conventional malls as using them wastes your large amount of time and if you do not have that then you are advised to go for the online shopping sites that help you to save your several hours. For a working and fully occupied man or woman, this is the finest platform to buy Luxury ladies Watches as it will provide you many functions that are quite helpful for you.

The Hours

Swiss Watch BrandsWhen you buy the luxury watches via the online shopping sites, you can save your large amount of time and then you will be able to use the same hours for doing some other work. This is the reason; the mode is preferred by most of the working folks as they do not have time to waste. These people wish to use the source for buying Swiss Watch brands that is easy to use and does not waste even a single hour. You can use the e-mart for buying the watch while sitting at one place and you just have to use your computer that has a net connection and all your shopping will get completed in no time.

The Choices

This is one of the best things about the net based stores, you will find large number of options at here and thus, there is no chance that you will not get your desired brand or model. Aside from this, you do not need to work very hard for finding the top branded watches as there are several categories and sub-divisions for you. With the aid of them, you can conduct a hunt according to price, model, manufacturer, occasion and many more. Additionally, there is a search box for you as well and by typing the right keywords in it; all the options will get appeared on the computer screen. Place an order from your home or office and the luxury watch will be sent to the given address and the home delivery will be absolutely free of cost.