Harry Winston Watches History

Harry Winston is a completely owned subsidiary of The Swatch Group, which acquired it from the Toronto based Harry Winston Diamond Corporation in January 2013. Harry Winston Watches collection is a high competitive resource which never stops to influence other designers and watch manufacturers in the world. It is celebrated for longstanding tradition of timepiece innovation and the remarkable strategy of selecting the finest independent watchmakers to work with and sense the worth of new talents that might add to its superb collection of timekeepers. Some of its popular timepieces comprises of Midnight collection, The Avenue collection, The Ocean collection and its very famous High Jewelry Timepieces. Each of these watches is stunning works of art, full of sophistication and style is meant to charm the eye of any watch admirer. They are brilliant examples of precision and class. Wearers will always feel extraordinary with such a faultless creation round their wrist. Thus, when it comes to luxury watchmaking no one knows it better than Harry Winston.