Omega Watches History

Omega is giving its service to the horology word for the past 150 years. This Swiss luxury watchmaker is based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. It was founded in 1848 by Louis Brand. These timepieces are outstanding examples of excellence and perfection. The major three guidelines on which Omega manufactures its watches are quality, creativity, and innovation. It has top class engineering behind every model and this is the reason why it has also been associated with sports for a long time now. The family of this brand consists of Speed master, Constellation, De Ville, and Specialties. Each of its timepieces is generally made from the materials such as gold, silver or rhodium. The high-quality engineering shows its splendor in the most adverse conditions. Timekeepers from Omega are an amazing blend of toughness and sophistication. The superior functionality and durability of these tickers make them admired all across the globe.