Vacheron Constantin Watches History

Vacheron Constantin is a luxury brand of swiss timepieces based in Geneva. This brand makes a great business and produces about 20,000 timepieces per year. The famous collections of this watch brand include Quai De l'lle, which along with its unique name have exclusive customized services to offer and Overseas, introduction of which made a huge impact in the watchmaking industry as it created an unparalleled persona of Vacheron Constantin. It became the first brand to include tickers for women. There are several timekeepers of Vacheron Constantin that are made of silver, gold or platinum. The movements are covered with sapphire crystals thus, a wearer could enjoy the work of the mechanical self-winding movement. It is showing the genius in watchmaking through its amazing watches which have timeless designs. Some of these designs are called skeletons because they have a transparent case covered with sapphire crystal. This allows seeing the mechanism of the timepiece working on the inside, which is an exciting feature in itself.