SIHH 2018: Sneak Peak and Expectation from Horology World

Like every year end, the speculation and teasers of Luxury Watch World have started coming out. With less than a month remaining in SIHH 2018 (SALON INTERNATIONAL DE LA HAUTE HORLOGERIE), we are here with our brief about the festival cum showcase meet like we did in 2017 SIHH. As we all know,

SIHH is year’s first gathering of professionals from the watch sector. Held in January, it sets the tone for the twelve months to come as it rolls out the latest trends.


SIHH 2018 15-19 January 2018

SIHH 2018: What’s new this year in the world of luxury watches

Set to held from 15th-19th January 2018 in Geneve, SIHH 2018 will be the 28th edition this year. The event will be increasing by 6 brands this year, namely:

  • Hermès and at the Carré des Horlogers
  • Armin Strom
  • Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud
  • DeWitt
  • élégante by F.P.Journe
  • Romain Gauthier.

making the total number of:

Exhibitors to 35, with 18 Historic Maisons and 17 brands in the Carré des Horlogers.

SIHH Exhibitors

SIHH Horlogers 2018

Although the event will be seeing the professionals, journalists, watchmakers, collectors & enthusiasts flying from all the corners of the world, the event will also be open to general public on 19th January.


An Overview

Being one of the two most important events in the world of watchmaking (other being Baselworld), SIHH is little more exclusive with very few selective brands at the event. SIHH have been one event that you cannot miss since its inception in 1991. It is one event where exhibitors and visitors meet to attend various international fine watch shows built on a unique concept. Held in Geneve, Switzerland, SIHH turns the City into a hotbed of innovation while reconnecting it with centuries of history.

The Event is known for is ultra luxury watch brands and some High-End Watch Launch but there are few Mid Level Luxury Watches as well. Due to this, you can expect a lot of skeletonization, avant-garde designs, artisanal techniques and haute horology finishing, “high complications,” precious materials, and exorbitant prices.

Stay tuned for more updates on the event. Presented by Johnson Watch Co, one stop for your Luxury Watches in New Delhi, India.

Following are the brands available in SIHH as well as being showcased in Johnson Watch Co:


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