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About Urwerk Watches

Felix Baumgartner (Co- Founder and ace watchmaker) and Martin Frei (Co-Founder and Chief Designer) initially met in 1995 to talk about building up a luxury watch. The young fellows were joined by their normal enthusiasm for estimating and depicting time. A long discourse, a sharing of methods of insight and dreams, finished in a choice to make their own vision of time. They established URWERK Watches in 1997 and gave their first luxury timepiece the AHCI at Baselworld that same year. Split amongst Geneva and Zurich, URWERK is a precept for innovative productivity and effective imagination, because of the mix of thorough Swiss German watchmaking society and Swiss French customary watchmaking society. URWERK has gathered an exceedingly capable group outfitted with a large group of aptitudes: idea, outline, portrays, 2D illustrations, 3D demonstrating, specialized plans, producing, miniaturized scale designing, machining, amassing, watchmaking, completing and adornment, prototyping, testing and adjustment, deals, promoting and correspondence. All the group are joined with the shared objective of horological perfection.

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