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 Omega Watches

Omega Watches: Top 3 Collections of 2022

Omega is a prestigious brand that has established credibility over decades in the watchmaking industry. The brand has pioneered the use of new materials and introduced groundbreaking technology in its movements. In addition, Omega has consistently produced exceptional timepieces in several major collections over the last 170 years. Some of these are Constellation, Seamaster, and De Ville.

Let’s explore more about these collections and what’s making Omega watches the talk of the town this year. 

Constellation: Where Style Meets Precision

The watches from this luxury watch collection are known for maintaining their exceptional precision while having a sleek and stylish design. The easiest way to identify them is the distinctive design and colour of the hands on the dial. They are made to look slim and skeleton-like and are always either gold or silver in colour. The watch’s design is meant to radiate elegance, and they do this with distinct bezels, either studded with diamonds or shaped into lines. 

The glass covering and protecting dial has a bit of a dome shape that is made and tested to be scratch resistant. Some have mechanical movements that last up to a minimum of 50 hours when wound, while others have accurate and long-lasting quartz movements. They come in different colours but have the same shape and other aforementioned features.

Seamaster: Dive into the Deep with Elegance

Planet Ocean Collection

This style of the Omega Seamaster is one of the most illustrious and distinct of them all. Their high-quality precision movements do not waver even at great depths, recorded to have gone 10,935 metres deep when attached to a vessel trying to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench. These watches have proved to be water resistant up to 6,000 metres, making them ideal for diving. While being this functional, they are still fashionable and come in a plethora of ocean-themed blue colours. They have different straps to easily stay put on the diver’s wrist without the risk of slipping. 

Seamaster Co-axial Collection

The watches from this premium collection are most easily identified by the style of the hands. They are made to look like arrows pointing at the hours and minutes. The hands are filled with SuperLuminova to ensure they glow in the dark, and the dive can see at great depths. These watches also possess a helium escape valve, crucial for diving watches, that is conical in shape to ensure maximum efficiency. Moreover, the stainless steel strap gives the watch a sleek and professional look, and the watches are water resistant up to 300 metres. 

De Ville: Made for Style

The collection features some of the finest Omega watches for women. They are made to have a sleek and slender design and are characterised by the tall roman numbers on the dial that adds to their elegance. They come in a variety of colours and have gems studded into the sides that add to their appeal. Their movements are accurate and precise without compromising the small size of the design.

Omega Watches: Top 3 Collections of 2022