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About Bell & Ross Watches

Bell & Ross, a renowned high-quality watchmaker, has been available in India at Johnson Watch Co., New Delhi.

Bell & Ross draws its inspiration from the history of aviation and the military specifications that accompany it, each time carrying out a technical or visual feat to produce an instrument of the highest quality. To ensure that a watch perfectly meets the expectations of its users, Bell & Ross gathers experts with complementary know-how to achieve a single objective: to create a utilitarian watch. There are professions where one must withstand extreme temperatures, undergo violent accelerations or resist dangerous pressures. Bell & Ross analyses these extreme events with those who experience them: astronauts, ,pilots and bomb disposal experts and divers.

Bell & Ross watches meet four basic principles: legibility, functionality, precision and reliability. Thus, every detail has its purpose, its function. Five exceptional timepieces epitomize the history of the brand and have become reference points both for their mechanical sophistication and for the technical challenge they represent. BR-X1 TOURBILLON The high-tech tourbillon, HYDROMAX 11 100 M World record for water resistance, VINTAGE 123 HEURE SAUTANTE Jumping hour with power reserve indicator

Buy Bell & Ross Watches in New Delhi From Johnson Watch Co

For nearly seventy years, Johnson Watch Co., New Delhi has been at the forefront of the luxury watch retail in India, bringing premium and luxury Swiss watch brands to the Indian shores. In keeping with its past endeavours, Johnson Watch Co. has brought yet another premium, Swiss luxury watch brand Bell & Ross to the watch aficionados of India. Authorised Watch Retailer:

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1) Are Bell & Ross Watches Swiss Made?

All Bell & Ross watches are Swiss Made. The assembly and adjustments are performed by master watchmakers in their production unit in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.

2) What is the warranty period of Bell & Ross Watches?

The watches, if bought from a Bell & Ross Authorised Retailer in India, comes with a two-year international warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover normal wear & tear damages.

3) Can I get my watch serviced from a third party?

Bell & Ross Watches are not recommended to be serviced by anyone other than the authorized service center or the watch maker themselves.