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OMEGA, one of the oldest luxury watch brands, has been available in New Delhi only at the OMEGA Watches Boutique at Connaught Place, New Delhi.
Innovative watchmaking is the cornerstone of OMEGA’s OMEGA’s heritage but it is inspired by sports timekeeping, their conquests of space, their advocacy on behalf of worthy organisations and, of course, their enviable role in support of the world’s favourite spy. In 1957, OMEGA introduced its Seamaster 300 – a watch designed specifically for divers and professionals who worked underwater. More than half a century later, the Seamaster 300 is reintroduced in a completely upgraded and enhanced form, prepared to equip a new generation of adventurers on land and in the oceans. Like its historic predecessor, the upgraded Seamaster 300 features a symmetrical case and lugs as well as a dark dial, lighter indexes and big hands and numbers for easier reading in various lighting conditions.
The Trésor collection follows a long tradition of exquisite OMEGA watches for women. These models, however, have been created with a new generation in mind. While inspiration has been taken from the past, the collection is purposely forward-thinking in its design, exuding confidence with a truly modern touch. Creating the beautiful diamond paving on the Trésor takes a steady hand and a keen eye, but the results are well-and-truly worth the effort. The line of precious stones bordering each side of the dial is what gives this classic watch a truly modern edge.

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